12 Days, 75% & 88% ROI — Bloomberg When? Dojo On-Chained Recap

I’m of course exaggerating, Bloomberg are beneath me now, but the ROI is very much real. Lets do a quick recap from the 26th June, the genesis event for both the Crypto Kai Blue Chip Index (CKB) and the Crypto Kai Innovation Index (CKI), and how we got here.

Crypto Kai Portfolios (CKB & CKI)

You can watch my thoughts on the initial portfolio allocation of both indices on YouTube here. Since the inception of both the CKI and CKB there has been a series of bullish catalysts that have given us a great ROI to date, which in turn will help us weather any potential incoming drawdown as we navigate this short to mid-term bearish trend across the majors.

$BTCUSD — we don’t like red.

CKB Catalysts & Musical Chairs

Compound ($COMP), first kicked us off with it’s treasury product to bridge CeFi and DeFi. This plans to open the flood gates to potentially billions of additional dollars that the protocol is poised to capture by offering a fixed rate 4% yield on USDC. Price reflected this news immediately with a 150% markup, and now the musical chairs begins!

Compound pumps, this is a lending and borrowing protocol. Aave ($AAVE) is also an extremely fundamentally sound lending and borrowing protocol, capturing even more total value within it’s system then Compound. Additionally Alpha Finance ($ALPHA) is also a leader in leverage yield farming that utilises lending and borrowing platforms like these under the covers. Finally, with on-chain activity increases, swaps increase and DEX’s are ripe to capture that action and generate fees on the event.

So how did I action thesis within CKB?

Sell all $COMP, also sell the underperforming assets within CKB to date and allocate entirely into Aave ($AAVE), Alpha Finance ($ALPHA), Sushiswap ($SUSHI) & Uniswap ($UNI).

Outcome? Accelerated portfolio growth, this game of musical asset chairs to the CKB token value from $135 to $175 in a much quicker space of time in comparison to holding my initial asset allocation. One confession is that Aave actually came out with it’s own news regarding a institutional focused version of the protocol, termed “Aave Pro”, after the Compound release which helped drive price appreciation further — i’ll take it though!

Today — 07/07/2021

We sold the aggressive runners and captured our upside vs ETH whilst still remaining exposed to DeFi via the DeFi Pulse Index ($DPI) for the short term. We’ll talk about this on the next episode of Dojo On-Chained

CKB Allocation 07/07/2021

CKI Catalysts & Musical Chairs


With the Compound news released, DeFi started to see a big up-tick in interest and well, this is when you don’t become emotional with your investments. Our holding of NFTX got purged from the CKI and allocated into our largest, most fundamentally bullish holding , the Index Cooperative ($INDEX).

Now, the magic trick -

The DAO released it’s latest treasury diversification via some of the biggest and most reputable VCs in DeFi, all giving praise to the project, the community and it’s future. How did this effect the price? You tell me..


The news caused a 29% gain almost immediately as people bought in. Now we had just allocated CKI largely into $INDEX just prior to this catalyst, and so we managed to capture this huge move with an up-tick of CKI value from around $168 to $190.

Today — 07/07/2021

Diamond hands today, nothing to report on.


I hope you enjoyed this short write up on the thought process behind CKI & CKB portfolio managment over the last few days. Come check out Crypto Kai via the links below and join our community, we’d love to have you!

🎌 YouTube — https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeHSulBvJEep1x89Hbo3dYg

💬 Discordhttps://discord.gg/WGPYk2RzaS

📷 Instagraminstagram.com/cryptokaidojo

🐦 Twittertwitter.com/CryptoKaiDojo



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