Crypto Kai — A cryptocurrency ecosystem compendium

4 years of learning, making mistakes, trading, building and engaging within crypto communities has lead to an accumulation of resources that i’ve now decided to collate on a website for the benefit of those new to the space and want pointing in the right direction, or those already in the ecosytem who just want to learn something new!

Crypto Kai, yes named after the badass karate dojo Cobra Kai, is a regularly updated Notion page including the following types of resources:

  • Great articles, newsletters & guides to learn and navigate the space
  • The essential, genuine crypto podcasts and YouTube channels within a sea of paid shills and charlatans
  • Twitter handles to follow, CT is the an essential hub for news and retail trading perspective
  • Fundamental analytics & metric tools relating to onchain data, exchange inflows/outflows, trading data (funding/premiums/open interest/liquidations), DAO dashboards, treasury analysis and more
  • Popular CEX’s & DEX’s
  • Popular wallet choices, software and hardware based
  • Growing list of your bread and butter projects that are regularly used, audited and have flourishing communities (aggregators / lending / insurance / asset management / farming)
  • Charting, market prices and tools for trading participants

Hopefully someone gets something out of it, and if you know someone else who might then please share it!





Founder @ Galleon | Advisor @ Set Protocol

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Andrew Wilkinson

Andrew Wilkinson

Founder @ Galleon | Advisor @ Set Protocol

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