The Start Of Something Pointless — DogeNet.

Most of us are quite familiar with the meme that transcended its original purpose due to its versatility, mainly in the form of prefixing any comment with ‘wow’, ‘such’ ‘many’ and ‘much’. Yes I am of course talking about Doge.

I often considered getting a dog because of this image, but realised what a moron I was being having that as my only justification to get one.

Not many dogs these days can flaunt that they have a cryptocurrency completely based on them, but Doge can. In-fact, at the time of writing this, Dogecoin(DOGE) is listed as the 24th highest cryptocurrency by market capitalisation beating the hopes and dreams out of actually useful projects (to be proven) in the crypto-sphere.

Anyway, I digress — this isn’t going to be some written works on the great complexities of Doge going forward, we’ll just take what it is at face value and introduce the side project that myself and a close friend of mine will be undertaking because we can (we’re still working on the ‘why’).

DogeNet — A multi-tiered, probably over engineered series of applications with a purpose to do… something.

DogeNet will initially consist of three primary repositories within Github detailed below with the possibility of endless scope-creep.


  • NET Core Web API and SQL Data Layer.
  • Multi project based C# solution based that will be responsible for all the heavy lifting regarding database storage, business logic and providing end points via a hosted API that other DogeNet applications can consume.
  • It’s over-engineered.


  • Node.js based Discord Bot that will provide a multitude of utilities to servers.
  • For development we will use the discord.js API wrapper to communicate back and forth with the server users.
  • Should, theoretically, be fairly light weight as we will be using the backend DogeNetCoreApi to handle the majority of the work — the bot should just be a middle-man for data transfer.


  • A web application using the front-end framework Vue.js amongst a whole host of packages.
  • The purpose will be a landing point where uses can see what DogeNet is, how it was created (I’ll be documenting my work going forward), the applications associated with it and how to download, use or contribute to them.
  • It’ll probably have a bunch of unnecessary integrations too as we don’t like to settle mediocrity here at DogeNet.
DogeNet Github Organisation

This is just a short and sweet summary of what will be developed going forward and regarding these dev logs going forward, my friend has already made a fantastic launch onto the .NET side of the project so I will be documenting the DogeBot & DogeWeb side of the development. This will be hopefully be of interest to those who love JavaScript, Node.js, Vue.js, Webpack, general modern front-end applications amongst other integrations that might catch my eye down the line.

Thanks for reading and see you for the next chapter where I will covering starting the DogeBot DIscord Bot Node application in its first primitive state.



Founder @ Galleon | Prev. Set Labs

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