TLDR Bitcoin Chart Analysis — Crypto Kai (23/06/2021)

Chart at the bottom of the article

  • Frequent China FUD causing panic selling
  • Whales deleveraging across CEXs and on-chain causing further sell pressure and liquidations
  • Weekly BTC (left) post-complacency bounce and momentum breakdown (bottom left) remains in bearish territory mid-term. Range lows were swept with a good reaction from buyers indicating a possible relief rally short-term.
  • Daily BTC (right) shows an outlined relief rally back to range highs based on a momentum breakout, retest and continuation (bottom right).

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Bitcoin (BTCUSD) | Weekly - Daily




Founder @ Galleon | Advisor @ Set Protocol

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Andrew Wilkinson

Andrew Wilkinson

Founder @ Galleon | Advisor @ Set Protocol

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